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Workshop Kickoff

Project Kickoff

By Melony Smith | Mar 25, 2021 | App design, Brand Identity Design, Consulting, Custom Software Development, Design, Development, General, Ui/UX Consulting, UI/UX Design, Web Design Consulting, Workshop Series

What to Expect In a Project Kickoff Workshop, 729 Solutions will make sure your project is starting off strong with our time-tested project management processes. We’ll walk through each of the steps that we’ll be taking to get your project across the finish line and make sure you know what information, access, the documentation you’ll… Continue reading Project Kickoff

Hand touching a smartphone with connected user icons on black background.

How Website Design Can Affect Traffic & Conversions

By Julio Estrada | Mar 16, 2021 | Consulting, Design, UI/UX Design, Web Design Consulting

How Website Design Can Affect Traffic & Conversions As humans, we rely on our senses to make first impressions of people we meet. This study found that more than 69% of people form a first impression of someone before speaking. The key indicators contributing to these first impressions range from smiling, politeness, listening, and even… Continue reading How Website Design Can Affect Traffic & Conversions

User icons being filtered through a funnel, turning into targeted users on a black background.

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Landing Pages in 2021

By Julio Estrada | Mar 16, 2021 | Design, Marketing, UI/UX Design, Web Design Consulting

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Landing Pages in 2021 From trying to gain conversions from a new audience to enticing previous customers back with compelling offers– a landing page has many great applications for your business. However, not all landing pages are created equal. There isn’t a “Big Book of Landing Page Strategies” sitting out… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Successful Landing Pages in 2021

Workshop Series: Wireframe Workshop

Wireframe Creation Process

By James Loren | Dec 8, 2020 | Design, Ui/UX Consulting, UI/UX Design, Workshop Series

Wireframe Workshop In a Wireframe Workshop, 729 Solutions will walk you through a series of questions, exercises, and visual diagramming to determine the general structure and high-level components that will be on the key pages, screens, or templates for your project. Wireframes can be used for web pages, as well as desktop and mobile applications.… Continue reading Wireframe Creation Process

19 Brilliant Logo Designs

19 Brilliant Logo Designs

By James Loren | Dec 4, 2020 | Brand Identity Design, Design, UI/UX Design

19 Brilliant Logo Designs These logos portray some of the most brilliant designs to inspire your branding and marketing, using tactics ranging from hidden meanings to intentional symbolism. What Makes Them Unique 1. Spartan Golf Club This logo has hidden symbolism that’s both clever and effective. The golf club’s swing creates the spartan helmet, and… Continue reading 19 Brilliant Logo Designs

3 Easy Zendesk Guide Theme Customizations You Can Make Today

3 Easy Ways to Customize Your Zendesk Guide Template

By Fernando | Jul 28, 2020 | Design, Zendesk, Zendesk Guide

Plus 5 Deep Customizations 729 Solutions Can Do for You! Providing your customers with access to a self-service help center is quickly becoming a key component to any successful customer retention program. Customer success strategies take a variety of shapes and forms, but research shows that today, most of your customers will expect a place… Continue reading 3 Easy Ways to Customize Your Zendesk Guide Template

User Testing Tipe

Quick and Dirty User Testing Guide

By Melony Smith | Jul 1, 2020 | Consulting, Design, Ui/UX Consulting, Web Design Consulting

This piece will layout simple steps to follow to create and conduct a high-level usability survey and interviews with internal staff and select clients, covering topics such as: What methods to use (survey, interviews, etc.), Who to survey/interview, What questions to ask, What tools we recommend, Pro tips for a successful user testing, and How to compile your findings.

Website design problems

Fifteen Common Problems Your Website May Contain

By Bob Tait | Mar 16, 2020 | AWS, Design, Web Design Consulting

There are several pitfalls that can hinder your website success. Our web designer Bob shares some of the most common design mistakes he sees across the web. Poor website performance can cause potential customers to bail out before they reach your sales pitch. Missing information can disrupt your sales funnel, and critical errors in your… Continue reading Fifteen Common Problems Your Website May Contain

logo and brand difference image used in Difference Between Brand & Logo Design blog post

The difference between ‘Brand’ and ‘Logo’ Design

By Bob Tait | Aug 15, 2019 | Brand Identity Design, Design

As a designer, I often run into people that confuse the concepts of ‘logo design’ and ‘brand design’. Usually, it’s pretty clear what the client is actually talking about, despite misusing the terms, but let’s take a sec to explain the difference. Logo Design Let’s start with ‘Logo Design’ since this is the one people… Continue reading The difference between ‘Brand’ and ‘Logo’ Design


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